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Training your team for senior-level performance in Event Planning, Digital Marketing and Multimedia Production.

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This is an ideal solution for freelancers, startups and small-to-medium businesses who want to train an internal team or team member to manage your digital marketing strategy internally.


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What Students Are Saying About The Complete Event Planning Program

There is incredible value in our customized event planning course, that includes mentorship, community based learning & targeted coaching on how to plan & strategize your own events that generate ROI/ROO.

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We strive for excellence in everything we do and we help you be accountable to your ambitions.

Why learn from us?

Experience and Value Matter!

High Level Material

Our education modules are based on years of experience and formal training.  Our education modules are rooted in traditional best practices, and remain on the cutting-edge of emerging trends and technologies.

Better Value

Traditional institutions struggle to remain current with their curriculum which is usually offered at hugely inflated prices. Our online model provides a high value training with online recognized accreditation. 

Graduate at Your Pace

Our online model affords a wide range of content delivery including text, video and digital downloads. You can consume the material at your own paceand perform online assessments in your own time.

Some Features Of Our Platform

Choose the course or course packages that interest you most, and only pay for the programs you need.

A broad range of materials in a variety of formats both written which achieves higher rates of retention.

Academy accreditation and digital certification you can use your website and social profiles

"I’ve been able to map out a clear path and marketing strategy to launch my business and I have all the tools to do it. I'm so grateful!"

Kirsty Sayer
Founder, One Inch Past Scary

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We are offering a variety of bundles so you can save on course mixes. Some bundles also include private mentoring in addition to the group calls. Sign-up here to learn more.